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Foundation Waterproofing

Decoding the Importance of Foundation Waterproofing

At its core, foundation waterproofing is a lot more than just keeping water out. It’s about:

Structural Integrity

Persistent water infiltration can erode the base of structures, jeopardizing their very foundation. Waterproofing safeguards against such threats.

Preventing Mold and Mildew

A damp environment is a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which not only compromises the structural integrity but also poses health risks.

Maintaining Property Value

A well-maintained, waterproofed foundation increases the value of the property, ensuring long-term returns on your investment.

Key Elements of Effective Foundation Waterproofing

Drainage Systems:

Proper drainage ensures that water is efficiently directed away from the foundation, preventing any accumulation.


High-quality sealants play a pivotal role in keeping out moisture, providing an impermeable barrier against water infiltration.


Waterproofing membranes, typically made from bitumen, polymer, or rubber, are applied to the foundation’s exterior to prevent water penetration.


Proper insulation not only keeps the cold out but also prevents condensation, which can lead to moisture buildup.

Build Right Concrete Inc.: Pioneers in Foundation Waterproofing

Precision and Perfection

Our approach to foundation waterproofing is a blend of precision engineering and a passion for perfection. We understand that every structure is unique, and so are its waterproofing needs.

State-of-the-Art Techniques

At Build Right Concrete Inc., we harness the latest in waterproofing technology, ensuring your foundation is equipped with the best defense against moisture.

Quality Materials

The effectiveness of waterproofing is only as good as the materials used. We source premium quality sealants, membranes, and insulators, ensuring long-lasting protection.

Expert Consultation

Our relationship with our clients goes beyond just service delivery. We offer comprehensive consultations, ensuring you're well-informed about the waterproofing process and its benefits.

Commitment to Excellence

Our reputation is built on a foundation of trust, quality, and unwavering commitment to excellence. When you choose Build Right Concrete Inc., you're choosing peace of mind.