Build Right Concrete

Basement and Garage Slabs:

The Foundation of Comfort and Functionality

Beneath the vibrant life of any home or establishment lies a silent guardian – the slab. Particularly in basements and garages, the right slab ensures stability, durability, and a level surface that stands the test of time. These are spaces of utility, storage, and, in some cases, leisure. Ensuring they have the right foundation is paramount.

The Essence of Basement and Garage Slabs

While they may seem like simple horizontal surfaces, basement and garage slabs are:

Stability Providers

We offer a solid, flat surface, ensuring the stability of everything placed on them.

Moisture Protection

A well-constructed slab can prevent moisture seepage, safeguarding against potential water damage and mold growth.

Thermal Insulators

We offer below grade insulation installation to prevent excessive cold from seeping into the living spaces above.

Crucial Aspects of Basement and Garage Slab Construction

Ground Preparation

This involves soil testing, leveling, and compaction to ensure the slab rests on a solid ground.


Installing rebar or mesh can provide added strength and prevent cracking over time.

Proper Mix

The right mix of concrete, ensuring durability and stability.

Finishing Touches

This involves smoothing the surface for a sleek appearance and sealing it for added protection.

Moisture Protection

Especially for basement slabs, integrating moisture barriers can be vital to prevent water damage.

Why Choose Build Right Concrete Inc. for Your Slab Needs?

Transparency at Every Step

We value our client relationships. From the initial assessment to the final pour, we ensure clear communication and transparency.

Tailored Solutions

We recognize that every space is unique. Whether it's a basement entertainment zone or a multi-car garage, our solutions are tailored to fit the exact needs.

Quality Assurance

We don't just build; we build right. Our commitment to using specified materials ensures lasting durability.

Proven Expertise

With a solid experience in architecture, engineering, and construction, we bring a holistic approach to every slab we craft

Safety First

Every project we construct is a testament to our commitment to safety, ensuring peace of mind for every client.